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Physical exams are one of the many tools health professionals use to assess your overall health. Advante Health in Bowie and Rockville, Maryland, is a primary care practice that provides physical exams to people age 15 through 65 and older. Whether you need a physical for a new job or to participate in sports, the team at Advante Health can help. Call the office today or schedule your physical exam online.

Physical Exams Q&A

What are physical exams?

Physical exams are a routine part of your visits to your health experts at Advante Health. It allows your health provider to get a general sense of your overall health and well-being at the time of your visit.

Advante Health is a primary care practice with a team of health professionals that does physical exams to meet a wide range of health needs.

What kinds of physical exams are there?

Though physical exams are a routine part of any visit at Advante Health, there are different kinds. The practice offers the following physical exams:

Wellness exam

The wellness exam takes a look at your current health and your risk of developing future health problems.

Women’s wellness exam

A women’s wellness exam focuses on a woman’s reproductive organs. Women’s life stages center around their reproductive cycle, which influences their general health and well-being.

During a women’s wellness exam, your provider does a physical, breast, and pelvic exam and does health screenings like a Pap smear and mammogram.

Men’s wellness exam

A men’s wellness exam focuses on the unique health needs of men. During this physical exam, your provider focuses on your reproductive health, including your prostate gland.

Your provider also runs lab tests to screen for health issues specific to men, like a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test to screen for prostate cancer.

Sports physical

Before joining an organized sport, you need a sports physical to make sure you can safely participate in the activity.

Employment physicals

Some jobs require a physical exam to ensure that you can safely perform your job duties.

What happens during physical exams?

The specifics of your physical exam at Advante Health depend on what kind of physical you need, your age, and your general health. During your physical exam, your provider:

  • Reviews your medical history
  • Asks about the medications and supplements you take
  • Discusses your lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, alcohol use, smoking)
  • Listens to your health concerns and symptoms
  • Assesses your overall appearance
  • Checks your height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate
  • Listens to your breathing and heart
  • Evaluates your ears, eyes, nose, and throat
  • Palpates your internal organs
  • Tests your reflexes
  • Requests health screenings

Your physical exam can also include lab work, which is done on-site. Advante Health is certified in nuclear medicine and does diagnostic imaging procedures to gather more information about specific body systems.

After your physical exam, your provider discusses their findings with you and makes recommendations.

Physical exams are a necessary part of keeping an eye on your health. Call Advante Health today or schedule your physical exam using the online booking button.