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Chronic health conditions are the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. Many chronic health problems develop out of lifestyle choices. Wellness exams are a preventive tool that can reduce your risk of developing chronic disease. At Advante Health in Bowie and Rockville, Maryland, the team of primary care providers specializes in preventive medicine and offers wellness exams. To schedule your wellness exam, call the office today or book your exam online.

Wellness Exams Q&A

What are wellness exams?

Wellness exams are health evaluations that can help you live a longer, healthier life. These exams focus on disease prevention and health promotion.

Wellness exams are less intensive than annual physical exams. Both exams focus on getting a picture of your health and preventing health problems. But during the wellness exam, your provider only talks to you about your health. There’s no hands-on physical.

The purpose of the wellness exam is to look at your current health and identify health problems that might benefit from health screenings or medical treatment.

What happens during wellness exams?

The specifics of your wellness exam will depend on your current health needs and medical history. Generally, during your wellness exam, your provider at Advante Health:

  • Documents your height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Completes a health risk assessment form
  • Reviews your medical and family history
  • Creates a list of the medications and supplements you take
  • Assesses your cognitive (mental) and emotional well-being
  • Discusses your habits that might affect your health
  • Educates you about healthy lifestyle habits to improve your health
  • Schedules health screenings

There’s no touching or checking of body systems during a wellness exam.

Who needs wellness exams?

Everyone benefits from a wellness exam. Advante Health is a primary care practice that provides wellness exams for patients ages 15 through 65 and older.

The primary care practice also provides Medicare annual wellness exams. This exam is one of the covered benefits of your Medicare program. The purpose of the Medicare annual wellness exam is to create and update your personalized prevention plan.

Your wellness plan focuses on preventing illness based on your personal risk factors. The Medicare annual wellness visit isn’t the same as the Medicare preventive visit. The Medicare preventive visit is a one-time exam that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention.

You can schedule your Medicare annual wellness visit one year after you complete your Medicare preventive visit.

Wellness exams assess your health and risk of future health problems so that you can take action now to live a longer, more active, and healthier life. To schedule your wellness exam at Advante Health, call the office today or book an appointment online.